The New Power Girls (NPG) © is a daily blog that tracks and profiles women startups and existing companies in internet and new media business as well as companies in traditional markets leveraging the internet and media in new ways. Launched in 2009, it's an expansion of the popular series The New Power Girls on the Huffington Post and is part of the transmedia content franchise created my media entrepreneurs Patricia Handschiegel of 9 and Meghan Cleary of Miss Meghan Media. To contact New Power Girls or submit news, email Now NPGDaily!

This morning an exciting change happened with our transmedia project, The New Power Girls! What started (and continues) as a popular series on the Huffington Post grew and evolved to become a standalone companion site, which has grown and evolved once again! Starting today, is now NPGDaily, a blog that covers women startups and existing companies, traditional companies using the internet/new media in new ways, and trends in the market as it relates to entrepreneurs. In addition to daily articles, we’ll continue the weekly series on Huff Post, weaving in commentary and anecdotes from the more than 500 women on our founder list — one of the first true interactive media projects on the web.

I had been researching on the history of women in corporate business for a book project when I stumbled across what appeared to be a trend — a new breed of women who didn’t just want to work at high profile companies, but own them. When Meghan Cleary and I started out with the Huff Post series in November 2008, the goal was to help bring exposure to this, and women founders everywhere. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we knew first hand how important and valuable exposure can be — and how few media outlets cover women entrepreneurs. Take a Google News search and you’ll see what we mean. Those that do cover women in business tend to limit it to either women at major companies that they don’t own, or women companies earning $1 million in sales. It leaves out hundreds of thousands of women founders, innovators and influencers. That’s why NPGDaily is here.

We’re not stopping there! The first of our “unconference” events and meet-ups are already underway and will be announced soon, and we’re cooking up all kinds of other stuff too. New Power Girls is based on a real, existing group of more than 200 high level founders that criss cross the country and are all friends. We hope to recreate this for women founders and execs everywhere here! Please visit us at the new site as well discontinue publishing here. – Patricia

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Vote For A Power Girl! Help Woman-Owned Happy Baby Win “Shine A Light”

When American Express came our way to talk about its “Shine a Light” program with NBC, we were instantly interested. The program, which aimed to help bring much-needed exposure to small businesses, invited companies to participate for the chance to win $100,000 in grant and marketing support — enormous whether you’re a startup or have been around for years. Founders shared their stories via the Shine A Light site with the public invited to vote on the small business that most inspired them. More than 4,000 small companies were nominated across the country with three finalists chosen with help from TV personality and entrepreneur Ellen DeGeneres, fashion designer and entrepreneur Diane von Furstenberg, and MSNBC’s small business expert JJ Ramberg. AMEX has long supported small businesses through a variety of programs over the years, and had hoped that with Shine A Light they could not only give founders the support they need, but help bring much-needed exposure to small business (which is often overlooked by the media).

Among the finalists selected is women-owned Happy Baby organic baby foods, which was launched on Mother’s Day just three years ago by social entrepreneur Shazi Visram who, like us, wanted to make change through business. Today, she’s grown her company to more than 5,000 stores nationwide and a cult-like following — total Power Girl! Vote for Shazi here.

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New Power Girls love Skincare

I am constantly searching for the right skincare regimen — something that is simple to use (i.e. not 20 steps!), that works for when I am LA (where the desert sun. overly chlorinated water and dryness take it’s toll) and in NYC, and when I travel (long haul flights in airplane air and touching down in a different climate altogether).  

This summer I had the pleasure of being able to try out a bunch of amazing LA-based skincare lines, a few of which are women founded and owned (Kate Somerville and Evan Healy).  

And I had the immense pleasure of experiencing Ole Henricksen’s tucked away spa on Sunset, which if you are a woman entrepreneur you know the value of one hour away at the spa — (can feel like a vacation if you aren’t able to get away and often they make you turn off your Blackberry which is bliss in itself!) and I tell you the Giovanni Organic Towelettes are pure genius for travel, for kids and for giving your feet a little treat after you’ve been in Stilettos for eight hours.  We could have used some after our Emmys adventure!

Malibu Wellness rocks the Vitamin C like no other I have ever tried — literally makes you glow.


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NPG On Huff Post This Week: 20 Women Founders To Watch

From this week’s New Power Girls series on The Huffington Post, here’s what Meghan and Patricia have to say about the next group of ten of the NPG 20 Women Founders To Watch:


The goal of creating a list of women companies to follow was inspired by how other media regularly covers companies like Google, Facebook, etc. Right now, there isn’t a lot of media covering women startups and existing companies. By no means will this be a total list, or a final list — we’ll constantly be searching and adding new women founders to cover.


The NPG 20 is just the beginning of women founded, women owned companies who are doing something amazing in their niche, created a niche, innovated, put their work across different platforms, and are women who inspire and who we admire.  It is just the beginning of the companies we will be following.  Be sure to write us with your suggestions of women-owned companies who are doing interesting things.  We want to connect with as many as we can!

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Very interesting story in Business Week about a woman entrepreneur Sue Drakeford.  check it out. 


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NPG 20: DivineCaroline

Real Girls Media founder Kate Everett Thorp’s legacy in business is lined with impressive roles at top companies and doesn’t stop there. She’s held high level roles with top companies including AKQA and McCann Erickson, and the agency that she founded, Lot21, was acquired by media giant Carat Interactive. She also co-founded the prestigious Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), has received industry awards from the likes of Advertising Age, OMMA and the AAF Hall of Achievement for execs under 40 and two of the companies in her charge have won Agency of the Year. But, it’s RGM’s top site that may be Everett Thorp’s best work yet. The platform, which provides women a way to reach out, connect, and share via the web is one of the most respected in the business. Launched in 2007, it’s garnered near instant attention, including investment stake from publishing giant Meredith Corporation just a year later, recently landed a campaign with Propel water, and has seen its traffic swell to nearly 5.3 visitors this year. What we admire about Kate is how she’s leveraged a career in the industry to accomplish amazing feats and never looked back. She’s proof that you can start with A, then move to B, C, and D, and rock the house every step of the way. A true change agent who knows how to leverage the market and past accomplishments, she’s without a doubt one of the women founders to watch.

To see the complete first 10 of our 20 Women Founders to Watch list,visit here. We’ll unveil the second 10 on our Huff Post column next week, and continue to cover the companies along with other news and industry moves here.

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Designer Tory Burch To Lend Women Entrepreneurs A Hand

Designer Tory Burch doesn’t just outfit hundreds of thousands of American business women with chic and stylish clothes that help them look and feel their best. Now, the female fashion founder is lending a hand to empower women entrepreneurs too. In a guest post for Fortune Magazine this past week, she unveiled the new Tory Burch Foundation, which is dedicated to “help mothers provide for their children,” inspired in part by her three sons and her own dream of helping women entrepreneurs. Recognizing that moms across the globe struggle to support and provide for their children, Burch saw an opportunity to get involved. The foundation will focus in part on microfinance loans and other strategies to help small business owners launch and sustain companies. It’s already been proven that microfinance can help low income people — is a great example of that model. As Burch notes in her article, loan amounts are larger in the U.S. than developing countries, but through research has learned that only 2% of people who could benefit from microfinancing have access. That leaves out a large gap the designer hopes to fill. Burch goes on to share additional insight about her plans for the foundation. It’s an inspiring read. To learn more about the Tory Burch Foundation, you can visit it online here.


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Tribe’s iPhone App Nabs Fast Company, Top Spot On Apple’s Rank

Nothing inspires me more than an entrepreneur who has the hustle on and knows how to adapt. It doesn’t matter if its a man or woman — I’m equally moved by anyone who is doing things in new ways and taking the market on. This past week, Tribe’s new “Start Your Own Company” iPhone application for entrepreneurs made Fast Company’s web coverage. Since the apps launch on September 10, it’s moved steadily up Apple’s ranking chart — a slot away from the top ten this morning. No easy feat considering the hundreds of iPhone applications in the market. This in in addition to being a $5 million branding company with clients like UPS, Coca-Cola, and Porsche. Founder Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin is about as Power Girl as it gets — she started the company in 2002 as a virtual agency via her screened porch, is very cool and very well connected. When we caught up with her via email today to get the story behind the launch of the agency’s iPhone app, she said simply put she was motivated by encouraging people to start their own companies (particularly women!) and the “accidental entrepreneurs” who are launching startups because they can’t find work. Congrats to Elizabeth and the Tribe team for rocking it! — Patricia

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NPG 20: The Budget Fashionista

In 2004-2005, a small group of women founders with digital media companies formed a sort of unofficial alliance to stick together in business. Today, that group has grown to include more than 200 women, and still includes the four original founders it had back then (including NPG’s Patricia). One of the most dynamic in the group also happens to have the largest and most successful fashion blog on the web. She’s never raised capital, has captured the attention of major brands and her company has been earning revenue for years. She’s also an author and television personality who has been in more than 500 media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Today Show, Redbook, People and others. It doesn’t stop there. She also holds honors degrees from Yale and Rutgers University and has received top nods for her work from outlets like Silicon Alley Reporter (now Business Insider), The Chicago Tribune and MSN Money.  That’s why Kathryn Finney of the Good Media is one of the top 20 women founders we’ll be tracking here. What we love about Kathryn goes beyond her business success. She’s also a major style setter, a fantastic wife, daughter and friend. She doesn’t just know the business, she was one of the early female founders in the category, and in the six years she’s owned her company has become one of the most respected women in the industry.

To see the complete first 10 of our 20 Women Founders to Watch list,visit here. We’ll unveil the second 10 on our Huff Post column next week, and continue to cover the companies along with other news and industry moves here.

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NPG 20: Blurb

When we set out to identify the 20 women founders and companies we wanted to regularly track here we reached out to readers and email subscribers to share who they felt were women to watch. No other company was mentioned as much as Eileen Gittins of Gittins nabbed major tech industry cred from working in high level positions at Kodak, Wall data, and several other companies as well as advisory and board member positions. But it was a love for photography that moved her to launch what’s becoming one of the most interesting startups in the web 2.0 space. A micro-publisher of sorts, Gittin’s startup enables anybody to create and publish a beautifully designed and created photo essay book — like nabbing a book deal at Harper Collins without the hassle. Today, fills the gap, providing a simple, low cost publishing service that turns anybody into an author, from bloggers, to parents, to marketers and more. What we admire about Eileen isn’t just her high tech and business accomplishments, but the passion that you can see and feel behind her project. Not only has she created an incredible platform with the potential to take book publishing into a new future, but its obvious in every way that she’s empowering people. It’s no wonder we saw so many Power Girls suggesting her for the NPG 20!

To see the complete first 10 of our 20 Women Founders to Watch list, visit here. We’ll unveil the second 10 on our Huff Post column next week, and continue to cover the companies along with other news and industry moves here.
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