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Episode 5: Amy Swift of Smarty People Shares Networking Tips

When Amy Swift puts on an event, it’s on. Not only does she find and bring in the best of the best in terms of thought leaders and guests, she also draws the kind of crowd that you want to do business with. Meghan and I have seen her chatting with Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson, and we’ve seen Amy lead hundreds of thousands via her former post at Ladies Who Launch. Not long ago, Meg and the networking dynamo connected at no other than Arianna Huffington’s house during a party. When it comes to meeting the who’s who in women’s business, nobody does it quite like Amy Swift. Amy’s current project is Smarty, a cool, chill business education and networking organization that’ll put some of the most successful women in business in your ears on everything from scaling a company to whether or not you should trademark a logo and when. This week, we sat down with the talented Mrs. Swift to find out how entrepreneurs and executives need to operate to leverage the people connection in business. Her tips:

1. Find Your Communities: Identify and connect with who you need to know and where. Don’t just focus on the first line of who’s who but go beyond to vertical networking events as well.

2. Know Your Elevator Pitch: You must be able to quickly and effectively explain what your business is to make the most of networking. It’s not about the 140 characters on what you’re doing — develop the short version of what you’re about instead. 

3. See Value in Everybody: You represent your company and brand in every aspect. People notice when you’re looking over their shoulder, etc. You never know who it is you’re meeting — treat everyone with respect.

What are YOUR tips for networking? We (and the other entrepreneurs) would love to hear your insight below in the comments section!

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