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NPG 20: Blogher

If there were any women-owned Web 2.0 startup that could be the poster child for what’s possible, Blogher is it. Launched in February 2005, the site has become a force in the market and one of the most successful blog networks for women. It was founded by Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort Page, and Jory Des Jardins when the trio launched a conference for women who blog, and they haven’t looked back since. Today, Blogher is the category killer in participatory news, entertainment and information and reaches more than 15 million women every month through it’s various projects. This includes it’s incredible annual conferences, website and publishing network, which boasts an eye-popping 2,500 qualified bloggers on a range of topics for women. The company raised venture capital from Venrock, the Peacock Fund and Azure Capital Partners, and has netted many high level relationships, campaigns and efforts with dozens of organizations and brands. For advertisers, it’s a safe, stable and well run network with an enormous reach. For bloggers, it’s a place to share their work, be counted, and most of all, be part of a community that spans all ages, races, origins and demographics. What we admire about Blogher and its founders is their steady, sturdy focus and savvy business sense. That’s exactly what it takes to move an idea to a powerhouse in just four short years, and why we’ve put the founders on our 20 Women Founders to Watch list.

To see the complete first 10 of our 20 Women Founders to Watch list, visit here. We’ll unveil the second 10 on our Huff Post column next week, and continue to cover the companies along with other news and industry moves here.

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